String of Pastorals

1. Kss ttsht The tagline to this blog isn’t meant to be evocatively poetic. It’s a linguistic reality. If you’ve ever taken an introduction to linguistics class, you’ve probably already heard about the languages of North Africa. It was in your phonology unit. After introducing you to syllable structure, your professor clicked to the next … Continue reading String of Pastorals


The Price of Dates

Most of the dates sold at the weekly Saturday market lie on display in enormous, gooey blocks that have to be chiseled apart to sell to customers. Since every Saturday the sun blazes bright across the cloudless sky, these sweet bricks also tend to attract a lot of flies. Sticky brown lumps beset by swarms … Continue reading The Price of Dates

TV and Other Material Comforts

In Every House A week or so ago, after half listening to the news on 2M, my host father switched to channel 8, Morocco’s official Amazigh language channel. Normally when this happens, I’m just the tiniest bit crestfallen. In Moulay Achraf, where my ears are already so starved of ambient Arabic conversations to learn from, … Continue reading TV and Other Material Comforts